I am Jennifer Gallivan – a health consultant based in Edmonton, Alberta
I am passionate about patient and family centered care.
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I specialize in strategic planning - project management, research and health communications and have specific experience in health promotion, injury prevention, child health and patient engagement. I have successfully managed programs and events from conception to completion; and, been involved in revamping and evaluating existing programs for enhanced results. I can provide a full range of planning, research and communications services with the foundation of patient and family centred care principles.

My signature style is to blend evidence with accessible resources to achieve ‘big picture’ scope, complimented by an exceptional level of attention to detail, to execute deliverables and meet the practical needs of the client.

Project Management

Effective project management and policy planning includes development, implementation, evaluation, dissemination and sustainability planning within timelines and budgets. Identifying stakeholder needs, goals, objectives and strategies for your program or project.


Using evidence-based research will help support your initiative or project. Tools available include stakeholder engagement, review of best practices, qualitative data analysis, surveys, environmental scans, editorial and report writing and presentations.

Health Communications

Developing and presenting health information in an appropriate way requires consideration of the audience, format, and other factors to be effective. I can help support your needs through the development of information sheets, web content, instructional documents , policies and procedures.


With over 15 years of experience working in the Alberta health system, my unique blend of work experience across the continuum of care, along with my Master’s education in health policy & management (MPH), are valuable assets that provide me with a comprehensive foundation to provide strategic planning consultation.

I have a proven track record of providing innovative solutions and implementing effective initiatives while ensuring sustainability, quality and stakeholder satisfaction across health disciplines, management and with patients and families.

I have led culturally diverse teams across successful health projects and initiatives in community-based and acute care settings in Canada and India, and have experience in the corporate settings with policy development and strategic planning.


  • Addictions and Mental Health Suicide Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure Suite, Alberta Health Services

    The purpose of the project was to review and harmonize standards for suicide risk assessment and management and improve safety of patients. Along with a working group, I analyzed feedback and made recommendations and changes to the policy and procedure suite. Additionally, I assisted in developing an implementation plan processes and educational materials.

  • All Aboard for Patient Engagement: A resource kit for patients, providers and leaders

    The goals of this Alberta Health Services Patient Engagement Project, grant funded by the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, were to determine what resources, preparation, and support are needed for patients, providers and leaders to meaningfully and appropriately engage patients in a patient-centred system redesign; pilot a resource kit in emerging patient engagement initiatives; and evaluate the impact of educating and preparing patients, providers and leaders for engagement. My role, working in collaboration with a Steering Committee, spanned all aspects of this project from conducting a scoping review of published and grey literature; development of the Kit, dissemination plans and final project report.

  • The Family Room & Family Centred Care Strategies – Stollery Children’s Hospital

    At the Stollery Children’s Hospital Jennifer was accountable for the development, implementation, evaluation and communication of Family Centered Care strategies and methodology as well as identifying and setting policy and program standards within the Child Health program. The diversity of her role involved consultation with senior management, physicians, front-line professionals and patients and families in order to promote patient and family centered care within an interdisciplinary environment.

  • UNICEF Community Monitoring Project with SAMUHA (non-governmental organization)

    My grassroots experience working with SAMUHA, an NGO, on the UNICEF funded Community Monitoring Project (CMP) based in rural India afforded me the opportunity to quickly realize that while health promotion and community development concepts are universal – the issues one has to consider are as unique and diverse as the communities themselves. Language, culture and institutional barriers along with locally based issues such as child labour, child marriage, illiteracy, and poverty impacted the development and implementation of the program. The project formally involved working with groups of adolescent girls in five rural villages to successfully provide basic health education and empowerment through involvement in street-level health data collection to assist in monitoring education, health, and women and children’s welfare.

  • Canadian Injury Prevention & Control Curriculum

    This project required me to work with regional, provincial and national stakeholders from all sectors of injury control such as emergency medical services, police, health providers, educators, policy-makers and more. Funded by the Population Health Fund of Health Canada, the goal of the project was to develop a curriculum that would provide stakeholders with the basic understanding of injury control, yet be flexible enough to meet their local injury-related needs. Working in a consulting capacity with stakeholders and an advisory body from across the country, I was able to successfully manage and complete the project which continues to be delivered today.

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My networking and relationship building experience spans numerous public sector and government associations across Alberta and Canada, including work with or for, but not limited to the following:

  • Stollery Children’s Hospital
  • Alberta Health Services (AHS)
  • Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF-FBPC)
  • College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta
  • Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network
  • Health Sciences Council, University of Alberta
  • Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research (ACICR), School of Public Health, University of Alberta


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